Vittore Carpaccio. Paintings and drawings - Venice Doge's Palace

March 18th - June 18th, 2023 The exhibit dedicated to the great Venetian painter Vittore Carpaccio has just been inaugurated at the Doges’ Palace in Venice, and precisely in those rooms where the Doge used to live.
Up till the next 18th of June we can admire a wonderful selection of paintings and drawing by a master who was too long neglected or underestimated by several critics in the past.
We can see the entire cycle painted for the Scuola degli Albanesi (the Albanians’ Confraternity), with stories of the Virgin Mary, as well as paintings that have only recently been ascribed to Carpaccio, and a series of drawings, along with paintings on wooden panels and canvases, which reveal the master’s creative process.
Last but not least, although we find it at the beginning if the exhibit, being it a masterpiece of the 90’s of the 15th century, the “reunion” of the panel with “Two Venetian Ladies” of the Correr Museum in Venice and the “Fowling on the Lagoon” of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles… the vision of this incredible piece almost makes you shiver!
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