Venice: the T Fondaco and “The Rule of Dream”

From May 8th through November 24th, 2019 Up till November 24th, 2019 it is be possible to visit Fornasetti’s exhibit at T Fondaco dei Tedeschi,The Rule of Dream”.

The dreamlike art of this contemporary artist takes into consideration the history of the Germans’ Warehouse.
The female faces, represented within large circles, are clearly a tribute to Giorgione’s and Titian’s frescoes that used to decorate the external façades of the building.

The monkeys remind of the rules that had to be respected by those that lived in the Fontego.
And what about the hands, the arms, the coins that hang from the fourth floor and swing in the gigantic central hall? The coins represent the ducats of the Venetian Republic, with the Latin words “respice finem” (i.e. think about the end) that remind of what was written above the door of the Visdomini’s office (the Visdomini were clerks appointed by the Republic for the administration of the Fontego).

The hands, in Fornasetti’s mind, represent both the artisans’ hands, which create some crafts that are also works of art, and the artists’ hands, which create art works in an artisanal way.

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