Venice: the exhibit by Marco Toso Borella on Murano island

From July 13th to July 22nd, 2022 From July 13th to July 22nd, 2022, it will be possible to admire, on the second floor of Palazzo da Mula in Murano, Venice, the spectacular works of art by the eclectic Muranese artist Marco Toso Borella.
They tell the story of the Shining Princess and the origin of the name of Mount Fuji in Japan. With his unmistakable technique of colorful enamels and gold etching on glass panels, Marco, who we are honored to know personally, lets us revive an ancient story of the Japanese tradition and take us into a world full of unique emotions and sensations, which are so far away, and yet so close, both in space and time.
Do not miss the opportunity to visit this exhibit! In a few days these masterpieces will be shipped to Japan, to the house of the commissioner for whom they have been created!
And if you come to Murano with us on a guided tour, we will be delighted to introduce you to Marco!