Venice, the Doge's apartments reopen to the public: VITA DA DOGE

July 14th, 2023 On July 14th,  2023, the Doges' apartments were reopened to the public and are included in the tour of the Doge's Palace.
It is a new itinerary inside the palace itself which is entitled VITA DA DOGE  (A DOGE'S LIFE), as it is focused on the figure of the Doge, starting from the first up to the last one, Ludovico Manin, who was in charge when Venice was occupied by the French in 1797. 
This exhibit is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the very complicated system of the Doge’s election, as well as with the figures of those Doges that marked the Venetian history with their heroic enterprises. We learn about the diplomatic nature of the Republic, the failed conspiracies against the State, the patrons of the arts engaged in the embellishments of the city… and then about social life, state celebrations, feasts and parties…
In each room we can capture a different aspect of the life of the head of the Republic, thanks also to the works of art displayed including paintings, maps, coins, medals, dogal promises, sculptures and various objects.
We are waiting for you with enthusiasm for a specific itinerary of the Doge's Palace in Venice focused on the figure of the doge, see you soon, ciao!
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