Venice: 'The Axis of Time. Silk textiles for clothing from Suzhou'

From January 11th to February 29th, 2024 In these days a new exhibit, The Axis of Time (L'Asse del Tempo), has been inaugurated at Ca’ Mocenigo, Venice, concerning Chinese silk clothes from Suzhou.
This important city, located at one of the ends of the ancient Silk Road, was described in detail by Marco Polo in his memories: it is a city on the water, and in the Middle Ages it was a relevant commercial center, exactly like Venice was at the other end of the long route that connected and still connects distant people and cultures.
The precious costumes in the exhibit trace back the history of clothes in Suzhou from the 10th century up to nowadays. These are contemporary costumes, certainly, but they are sawn with philological accuracy.
This exhibit, along with the one taking place in the close by Museo di Ca’ Pesaro, opens the celebrations and the studies, that will go on for the entire year, on the occasion of the 700th year from Marco Polo’s death. After all, Marco Polo is the Venetian traveler that more than any other embodies the experience of Venice being the crossroads of different cultures, the place where the West could meet the East.