Venice: Palazzo Fortuny reopened

From March 8th, 2022 The museum at Palazzo Fortuny has recently reopened: we can visit again the Venetian house of Mariano Fortuny, an eclectic and genial Spanish artist,
who decided to leave Spain and to settle down permanently in Venice with his wife Henriette.
He chose the ancient Palazzo Pesaro degli Orfei as his own new home and transformed the building in a workshop of artistic experimentation.
His most famous creations are the “Delphos” dresses, made of pleated silk, inspired by the clothes worn by the ancient Greeks: apparently so simple, they are instead characterized by a great deal of unique details.
His inventions in the field of theatre lighting are incredibly ingenious. He also created innovative silk printing techniques.
Fortuny’s inspirations would come from the Oriental culture, from Ancient Greece, from the Renaissance, as well as from the Spanish artists he knew so well… and last but not least, from the experience of the Venetian painters Tintoretto and Veronese, whom he considered his real teachers.
Such a magical place is definitely a must-see!
We will be waiting for you, to take you to this enchanting palazzo.