Venice, Masterpieces in Comparison at the Accademia Galleries: Jacopo and Giovanni Bellini

From November 5th, 2022 up to March 12th, 2023 At the Accademia Galleries, in room 3, in these days we can admire a painting by Giovanni Bellini on loan from the gallery of Castello Sforzesco in Milan: “The Holy Mary with Baby Jesus”, better known as “Madonna Trivulzio”.
It has been placed next to a work of art of the same subject by Jacopo Bellini, Giovanni’s father: “The Virgin Mary with Blessing Baby Christ”.

It is quinte interesting to notice how the two painters, although representing the same subject more or less in the same years, used completely different styles: Jacopo’s manner follows the late gothic tradition, whereas Giovanni shows clear elements of the Renaissance period.
To get in better touch with the evolution of Giovanni’s style we can observe some more excellent masterpieces by this master, permanently preserved in this museum.

The Virgin Mary with Blessing Baby Christ, Jacopo Bellini, Accademia Galleries, Venice

Madonna Trivulzio, Giovanni Bellini, Gallery of Castello Sforzesco, Milan