Venice exhibition: 'Miao. Costumes and Jewels from Southern China'

From December 16th, 2023 upto April 28th, 2024 It has been a few weeks since the exhibit dedicated to the Miao population has been inaugurated at the Museum of Oriental Art at Ca’ Pesaro in Venice.
The Miao are a population of Southern China.
This event, as many others that will take place during 2024, is meant to celebrate the 700th anniversary since the death of Marco Polo, the most famous Venetian merchant and traveler in history.
We actually do not know whether Marco did visit the geographical area occupied by the Miao, but we do know that he definitely got in contact with them: in his memories he described in detail their peculiar costumes.
In this exhibit we can admire in particular their costumes, created with unique techniques and so rich in colorful embroidered, applied or woven motifs. Also interesting jewels and ornaments are present, to give a more complete idea about the Miao.