The Redeemer’s Feast in Venice in 2019

July 20-21, 2019: the famous "Festa del Redentore" Every year, on the third weekend in July, in Venice we celebrate the Redeemer’s Feast (this year the dates are July, 20th and 21st).

This feast reminds of the end of the terrible plague epidemic that started in 1576, during which thousands of people died.
At the end of this catastrophic event it was decided to build a church, on a project by the great architect Andrea Palladio, on the Giudecca island and to dedicate it to the Redeemer.

On the evening of Saturday the celebration is spectacular: hundreds of boats gather in St. Mark’s Basin as soon as the sun sets, and everybody waits for the fireworks, which create a magical atmosphere.

On Sunday the religious part takes place: thanks to the votive pontoon built across the Giudecca Canal, not only the Venetians, but also the guests that visit our city, literally walk to the church for the Holy function, to thank once again Christ for the end of the plague…

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