The light of Christmas: digital Christmas by Fabrizio Plessi

From December 4th, 2020 to January 6th, 2021
... and the gold will shine in St. Mark's square...
For the coming up Christmas Holidays, from December 4th 2020 up to January 6th 2021, Saint Mark’s Square will host quite an original Christmas Tree.
The famous artist Fabrizio Plessi, who has recently installed his work of art “The Golden Age” on the windows of the Correr Museum, right opposite St. Mark’s Basilica, will honour the History and the Art of Venice with the installation of an entirely digital Christmas Tree: it will be made out of 80 modules measuring 1 meter by 50 centimetres disposed as to form a tree which should symbolically create a connection among the earth, the water and the sky.
As the artist himself states, this will be “an evocative sculpture which will prove that, once more, it will be the light of Art that will show us the way to overcome all together these dark days”.
Do not miss it!