The “Assumption of the Holy Mary” by Titian finally restored

October 4th, 2022 Recently the restoration of the main Altarpiece in the Frari Church in Venice has been completed and we can now admire this fabulous masterpiece by Titian, representing the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, in its outstanding beauty.
This painting on a wooden panel, the surface of which is of about 28 square meters, needed to be cleaned and the wood had to be recovered from the damage caused by a 1900’s organ that had been placed right behind it.
The four year long restoration of this work of art has been financed by the Save Venice fund, one of the most relevant foundations that are active to safeguard the destiny of Venice and of its art. Quite a few people and institutions have been involved in some way in the restoration: the Friars themselves as well as all the Parish, the director of the Accademia Galleries, in charge of supervising the work,  the Patriarchate of Venice
Come to Venice and discover with us the vibrant colors of this great painting and those unknown details that have come to light during the restoration. Ciao!