The Accademia Galleries in Venice: Carpaccio’s canvases on St. Ursula’s story are now visible again

Starting from June 8th, we can see again these paintings at Gallerie dell'Accademia  After a long and accurate restoration the famous paintings by Vittore Carpaccio on St. Ursula’s story are again visible to the public, starting from June 8th, 2019.

The 9 canvases can now be admired in all their splendor, with all their little and amazing details that Carpaccio’s fans love so much. These absolute masterpieces were painted between 1490 and 1495.

From the first painting, with “The Ambassadors’ Arrival”, up to the last one, “The Apotheosis of St. Ursula”, we can admire all those buildings that look like Venetian palazzos, all the different clothes that the Venetians wore in those days, all the finest details full of symbolism and hidden meanings.

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