Nebula Solaris REMEMBER THE FUTURE Venice Carnival 2022

During the week-ends of Carnival period and from Feb. 24th to March 1st On February 18th there was the opening of the water show Nebula Solaris at the Arsenale (Shipyard) of Venice. It is part of REMEMBER THE FUTURE, the edition of Venice Carnival 2022. 
Fire and water, tradition and technology, led lights, multi colored fountains: it is an open air theater that enchants the spectators. 
There are 19 artists from all over the world who take you in a world of magic and dream. 
If you want to have an idea of this stunning show, have a look at our video Nebula Solaris REMEMBER THE FUTURE Venice Carnival 2022.
Enjoy your Carnival and we are waiting for you for a guided and private tours of Venice, Ciao!