MARCO POLO’S WORLDS. The Travel of a Venetian Merchant in the 1200’s.

From April 6th to September 29th, 2024 On April 6th, 2024 the exhibit MARCO POLO’S WORLDS has been opened to the public in the rooms that used to host the Doges’ apartment in the Doges’ Palace in Venice. This is one of the several events that have been organized for the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo’s death.
Every room displays a precise theme: one is dedicated to cartography, another to the different ancient editions and translations of “Il Milione, Marco Polo’s book of memories and travels. Then we find the two Armenias, with objects and fabrics from the 10th to the 13th century. Islam is present with fabrics and brocades that mention the Pax Mongolica. Then we reach the rooms dedicated to China under the Yuan Dynasty. Here the objects displayed are of extraordinary abundance: clothes, stamps, a banknote plate, little funerary figures, fabrics…
The next section relates to India and its religions, in particular Buddhism, but mentioning also Shamanism, Confucianism, Daoism, Nestorianism…
A journey so far away in time, through crossroads of different civilizations with all those peculiar characteristics that are mentioned in Marco Polo’s work: from cuisine to art, from religions to commerce and goods of different regions, up to the traditions and customs of all the people he met in different places during his travels.
Which is the fil rouge of the entire exhibit? It is Marco’s insatiable curiosity, the urgent desire of getting acquainted with all that is different and unusual.
We’ll be waiting for you in Venice! Ciao!