Leonardo Da Vinci in Venice

Temporary exhibit up to July 14th, 2019 In order to celebrate the 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci’s death, the Accademia Galleries in Venice have dedicated a temporary exhibit to the Tuscan genius: “Leonardo da Vinci. The Human Being as a model of the world”.
The crucial work of art is of course the most famous drawing ever, the Vitruvian Man, preserved at the Accademia Galleries. On a fairly small sheet (34x24 cm, i.e. 13,4x9,4 inches) the artist represented with ink the ideal proportions of the human body, both inside a circle (which symbolizes the sky) and within a square (which stands for the earth).

Together with this masterpiece we can admire 70 other drawings, 35 of them by Leonardo.
They represent studies of Anatomy, Mechanics, Botany, guns, Physics, Architecture.
Some of these works come as loans from the Royal Collection of Windsor Castle, from the National Gallery in Washington, from the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, from the Morgan Library and the Museum of New York.

This rich exhibit gives us the possibility of studying exceptional sketches and drawings, which reveal the numerous interests of this incredible genius of the Italian Renaissance.
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