Exceptional event in Venice: the Big Vocal Orchestra in St. Mark’s Square

December 28th, 2019

On December 28th, around 6 pm, the 200 voices of the Big Vocal Orchestra sang “Mermaids” (Sirene in Italian, which means both mermaids and sirens).

This song, composed by the choir director Marco Toso Borella, is meant to recall the sound of the sirensthat alert all Venetians in case of acqua alta (i.e. a flood).

In particular, it is somehow a reminder of the exceptional hide tide
that occurred on November 12th, when the tide reached the level of 187 cm, more than 1 meter (over 3 feet)above the everage sea level.

It is a way to scream to the world that this city deserves to be saved. “Vita, vita nostra. Ira, ira nostra” (Our life, our wrath): these are the words that the choir cries out with anger for what has happened, but also with hope for a new rebirth, almost with the certainty that Venice will soon recover and will become stronger and even more beautiful.