Doges’ Palace: Venice 1600. Births and Rebirths

From September 4th, 2021 up to March 25, 2022 From September 4th, 2021 up to March 25, 2022 it will be possible to visit in the Doges’ Palace of Venice the exhibit Venice 1600. Births and Rebirths.
This exhibit has the aim of retracing the History of the Most Serene Republic from an original point of view, taking into consideration those concrete examples on how Venice would always face all the challenges it had to deal with.

It will be possible to admire, for example, major paintings by Carpaccio, Titian, Tiepolo, Guardi, along with drawings, miniatures, ceramics, objects of everyday use, coming both from private and from public collections, but in particular from the Venetian cultural institutions, which preserve an impressive historical and cultural heritage.

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