Canaletto’s Exhibit in Venice

The 'Venetian Vedutista' You have up to June 9th to visit the exhibit about the Venetian landscape painter Antonio Canaletto, held in the Doges’ Palace.

You can admire quite a number of paintings accurately reproducing the Grand Canal and those almost hidden corners of Venice where everyday life could be perceived in all its characteristic details. The artist’s sublime technique allowed him to obtain really peculiar atmospheres, thanks to the accurate contrast between light and shadow effects.
So book a private guided tour of Canaletto exhibition!

You will get in close touch also with other great masters of the Venetian painting of the 1700’s, such as Tiepolo, considered the “new Veronese” because of his use of very bright colors; Francesco Guardi, with his almost romantic perception of the landscape; Pietro Longhi, who uses his art to criticize the contemporary society; Piazzetta, a great master in using the colors of the earth, such as shades of browns, yellows, oranges…

You really cannot miss the possibility of admiring all these scenes of the aristocrats’ and peasants’ everyday life of 18th century Venice! This was the period of the total decadence of the Republic; nonetheless, it gave birth to unique and extraordinary masters.