Banksy in Venice

The very famous street art artist in Venice A child holding a pink smoke bomb and wearing a life jacket: this is the latest of Banksy’s graffiti, painted along Rio di San Pantalon in Venice and acknowledged on May, 24th 2019 by the most famous street art painter in the world.
Up till that date, there had only been suppositions and uncertainties about who had painted it.
As usual, Banksy has used the social media for his communication: both in his Instagram profile, as well as in his Facebook one, he has posted pictures of this murales.
There are no doubts left, now!
And if you look it up at Google Maps, you will read “Banksy’s work of art”, with the title “Little migrant with smoke bomb”.

The British writer showed up in the center of Venice on May, 22nd, exposing some canvases that all together, as in a jigsaw puzzle, formed a gigantic crew ship in St. Mark’s Basin. However, he was then forced to remove his installation, since he did not have the necessary authorization.

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