Accademia Galleries of Venice: "The Bravo" by Titian is displayed

From September 24th 2021 to January 20th 2022 From September 24th 2021 and up to January 20th 2022 there is one more reason to visit the Accademia Galleries in Venice.
It is possible in this period to admire a work of art by Titian, normally preserved at the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna: after 30 years, we can see it back in Venice!
This painting, "The Bravo”, probably dates back to 1515-1520 and is one of the works of art that the famous renaissance master painted in his youth. It is particularly impressive because of the original chromatism, the intense gaze of the protagonist and the shimmer of the armor.
We invite you to come to Venice for a guided tour of the Accademia Galleries, to admire this great masterpiece, along with the permanent collection of this extraordinary museum, which contains Venetian artworks, painted over a period of 500 years. Ciao!