Unusual Tours

Ghosts and Legends in Venice Are you ready to enter a different world? Read more arrow_forward Frescoes in Venice: from Darkness into Light An original tour...you can not miss it, let's go! Read more arrow_forward Venice for kids… What a surprise! Kids in Venice? What do they do? Do they get bored? Not at all, Venice is rich of funny and scaring sculptures, activities, paintings showing monsters, delicious cookies.... They will surely appreciate our city! Read more arrow_forward Walking at the discovery of Castello Visiting the Castello District will immerge you into the authentic Venice, only you and the noise of your steps. Read more arrow_forward Andrea Palladio in Venice The majesty of Palladio in his religious arcitecture. Read more arrow_forward The Dorsoduro District unveiled This district meets everybody's requirements: magnificent churches, labs where still nowadays artisans carry out the very old Venetian jobs, contemporary art  and good food: it's far from the crowded places and you can enjoy everything in relax. Read more arrow_forward Modern and Contemporary Art in Venice What about modern and contemporary arts in Venice? Is there anything in this city? Our city is full of museums, palazzos, gardens showing unique works of contemporary art. The famous Biennale every year attracts lots of people  coming from every country of the world. Read more arrow_forward Palladian villas in the Venetian Mainland The stunning Palladian architecture is not only in Venice. The architect became famous especially because of the villas he designed in the Venetian mainland for some rich and noble families. Read more arrow_forward Foreign Communities in Venice Venice was defined 'The pearl of the Adriatic sea'.  It was the most important commercial hub for merchants coming from the North of Europe, from the Middle and Far East. Foreign merchants, having their own cultures and religions considered this international city the proper place to work and live. Read more arrow_forward The Shipyard of the Venetian Republic and the Historical Naval Museum The Venetian shipyard was the most important factory of the Republic, those who worked there where named 'Arsenalotti'. The Naval Museum is rich of different kinds of boats and ships designed, built  and used by Venetians during the Republic. Read more arrow_forward Fondazione Querini Stampalia and Palazzo Grimani Stunning palaces belonging to two important and noble families of the Venetian Republic. Read more arrow_forward The Santa Croce District A part of the hidden Venice that will surprise you, a place where you'll be in touch with the daily Venice far away from the most touristic places of the city. Read more arrow_forward A walk through the Cannaregio District Off the beaten path Venice, it's relaxing district where you can enjoy both arts and local food. Read more arrow_forward From Gothic to Renaissance... A Venice walking tour starting form the Gothic style to the Renaissance . Read more arrow_forward