Photographic Tours in Venice

If you like taking pictures, book a  walking tour in Venice with us to enjoy both photography and culture. A private tour in Venice .
We are not professional photographers, but photography is one of our great passions.
Venice is the ideal city where to take pictures.
We invite you to visit with us both the most famous sites and the hidden corners of Venice: we will point out to you unusual bas-reliefs and small sculptures, original views, unique campi and courtyards that you can catch with your camera.
We will tell you the history, art and legends of the places where we go, and if something on the way attracts your attention, we will be more than happy to answer your questions.
We will bring along our cameras, too!
Do you have only your smartphone? No worries, that’s good enough!
Book with us these photographic and cultural tours in Venice.
We are waiting for you!