Liberty Architecture and decoration on the Lido Island in Venice

Art Nouveau at Lido island Venice Come and discover with us the Liberty Style in an unusual itinerary on the Lido Island in Venice.
We will admire some villas built in the style that was typical in the so called Belle Époque or Art Nouveau and that is still fascinating nowadays. And we will also take a look at very colorful majolica decorations representing garlands, putti, geometrical drawings; gates and fences in wrought iron, little towers, chalet styled houses, gardens created following specific criteria…
We will take a walk surrounded by the architectonic and decorative beauty of the Lido: this island at the beginning of the 1900’s became a popular destination especially among writers and artists in general.
During our tour we will pay attention to the extravagance, the refinement and the oddity of this artistic language which included also the Byzantine and Gothic influences that were so common in Venice.

Duration: 2 hours