Arts and Crafts in Venice

Venice is still nowadays quite rich with artisan workshops, where arts and crafts, recipes, secrets, knowledge are handed down from past centuries to skilled artisans.

These are unique arts and crafts, most of them peculiar to Venice.
You can book for example the visit to a squero, a boat yard where the gondola, the most famous boat in Venice, is produced; then you can see the laboratory of a remer, the artisan who carves forcolas (oarlocks) and oars.
You can also witness how it is possible to weave in the 21st century precious cloths by using 18th century looms.
What about visiting a mask workshop? You can see how expert artisans produce by hand the typical papier-maché masks… and you can also try to decorate your own mask, by yourself or following the advice given by the master.
Anyhow, the list of the artisan workshops and their hand made production in Venice is quite long: glass factories and laboratories, bead producers, wrought iron masters, decorated paper, original artisan shoes, ateliers of theater and carnival costumes…

Time: 4 hours minimum

Notes: the fare does not include the tariffs sometimes required by the artisans to visit their workshops, nor the costs of the materials given to visitors. The fare for groups has to be agreed with the guide.