Experience in Venice: the regatta Vogalonga

Are you ready for this adventure? Would you like to take part in the Vogalonga, one of the most famous regattas in the Venetian Lagoon? You don’t know it? Or maybe you are a little concerned since you cannot row in the Venetian way?
It is not a problem!
Came and join me for a special storyliving experience and I will guide you into this ancient tradition! You will learn about the history of this yearly event, you will discover the world of the gondolas and of the different boats that float along our canals. We will visit the workshop of a remer, an artisan that literally sculpts oars and forcole, the special oar locks of the Venetian boats. This will be also a perfect way to get in touch with the real Venetian world.
But… have you taken notes? At the end you will have to take a test and eventually you will be able to step into the final part of our experience, where you will be the real protagonists: a rowing lesson! After such an experience, the Vogalonga will have no secrets for you!