The Treasures of Venice along the Grand Canal

This unique and stunning 'street' has always been the most important water way in town.

Along its banks the richest families of the Venetian nobility used to build their unique palazzos, that is wonderful houses which façades would be decorated with colourful marbles, frescoes, mosaics, bas-reliefs… Rocked by the waves, on a gondola, or in a water taxi, or in the public transportation, we can discover the beauty of such buildings, the story of the families that used to live there, as well as the story of those artists and writers who dwelled in such palazzos for some time… And we can admire the different architectural styles developed in town throughout the centuries.
Then what about stepping off the boat and visiting one of the outstanding museums located along this magnificent waterway?

Time: 2 hours

Notes: The fare does not include entrance fees, nor the costs of the transportation. The fare for groups has to be agreed with the guide.