The Secret Itineraries of the Doge's Palace

Do you want to visit the hidden part of the Doge's Palace? Would you like to see the Pozzi and Piombi  (Wells and Leads) prisons? This is the tour for you!

Inside the Doges’ Palace the halls are magnificent, with wonderful decorations and historical hints that appear at every step… But what was there behind all this? Who used to work in the countless offices located behind the rooms of the political power? Who would take care of all the documents and of the archives? Where were the prison cells located, the famous leads and the terrible wells? Was there a chamber of torture? And where did Giacomo Casanova escape from? You cannot miss this tour if you wish to enter the mechanism of the political, administrative and judicial system of the Venetian Republic.

Time: 2-3 hours (depending on whether you would like to visit only the Secret Itineraries or also the Doges’ Palace itself).

Notes: The fare does not include entrance fees. The fare for groups has to be agreed with the guide.