St. Mark’s Basilica by Night

It's an extraordinary, unique visit: you'll have the Golden Church at your disposal, only for you.

Would you like to visit St. Mark’s Basilica at night, when Venice is already embraced by darkness? The church is dark, silent… you enter on tiptoe… Lights slowly go up and little by little the marvellous mosaics appear, gold sparkles in thousands reflections… It’s a unique experience, that eventually culminates with the visit of the crypt, which is normally closed to the public, and of the Golden Altarpiece, full of Byzantine enamels and precious stones.
Reservation is required. But then you will be the only privileged guests in the Basilica, for a very special night.

The fee for this unique private visit is as follows:

For the church:
€ 700 (from 1 person to 30 people) to be paid directly to the Church offices by bank wire;
€ 1000 (from 31 up to 50 people) to be paid directly to the church offices by bank wire;

For the guide: 
€ 180 (from 1 person to 30 people);
€ 220 (from 31 to 50 people).

When visiting religious buildings, an appropriate dress code has to be observed (no bare shoulders, no miniskirts, no shorts).