Getting lost in Venice?

Everyday lots of tourists get lost in Venice. Booking this tour you'll discover the secret corners of the hidden Venice having fun with us. Hihgly recommended!

Yes! Getting lost in Venice! On purpose! Wouldn’t it be challenging to take just any turn that attracts your attention, to walk through campi and campielli (so are called the Venetian squares) in order to catch some details that might tell an old story, or to find traces of past and present famous people… and absolutely without any electronic device, but with an licensed  tour guide that will be able to point out interesting and unexpected peculiarities in the places “chosen” by the tourists… and be sure that the guide eventually will help the visitor to find the way out of this incredible maze! This is funny also for kids in Venice.

Time: 2 hours

Notes: no entrance to any museum of church is contemplated during this tour. Just in case, note that the fare does not include entrance fees and that when visiting religious buildings, an appropriate dress code ha to be observed (no bare shoulders, no miniskirts, no shorts).  The fare for groups has to be agreed with the guide.