Wear a costume and discover Venice with a local guide

...and not only during the Carnival! If you visit Venice with a qualified local guide, you can definitely catch the essence, the mystery, the legends of our wonderful city by almost getting lost in its most hidden and intimate corners.

A Carnival Walking Tour
Talking about mystery… have you ever thought of booking a guided tour wearing the typical costumes of the famous Venetian Carnival? Both the guests and the tourist guides: all of us wearing old fashioned costumes and masks as we explore the city, as if time had stopped.

Cinzia and Monica in Carnival costumes

Walking slowly admiring unusual views and water reflections, meeting people who will wonder, full of curiosity, who is hiding behind the masks: all of this is possible!
As you know, Venice receives its guests all year round. Obviously, we would suggest you not to book a guided tour in the middle of the day during the summer: it is way too hot; but at sunset even in summer you can enter the libertine, mysterious, tempting atmosphere that our city offers.
However, the particular aura of suspense and lightheartedness that surrounds you during Carnival is simply incomparable and unforgettable.

Our Suggestions
If you decide to visit the Pearl of the Adriatic during the Carnival period, do not forget to bring your costumes with you. In case you do not have any, you can always rent those that better suite you in one of the renowned Venetian ateliers, where the historical costumes are sewn and decorated rigorously by hand.

Atelier of historical costumes

We will lead you to the most hidden corners and will tell you about their history and their artistic importance.
We will introduce you to the story of the most famous Latin lover of Venice, Giacomo Casanova: his love affairs, his lovers, his adventurous flight from the prison of the Doges’ Palace.

Venice: hidden corners and water reflections

We suggest you to visit Ca’ Rezzonico, the Museum of 1700’s Venice, in order to immerse yourselves in the fashion and lifestyle that were typical in the final century of the History of the Venetian Republic, with the Tiepolos’ frescos, Longhi’s genre paintings, Rosalba Carriera’s pastel portraits, and much more, such as chandeliers, chinoiseries, ceramics…

Ca’ Rezzonico, the Ballroom

Do you like photographic tours? You cannot miss this opportunity! We will take you to the most suggestive spots in Venice, where you can fix in your cameras this unique moment.

The Carnival is quite an experience for the entire family: especially your children will feel they are the main characters in a world of pure magic, fairy tales and fun…

You might wander… where is Marialaura? Our dearest friend is quite busy at the moment: she is preparing the superlative Carnival treats, called frittelle, so that the three of us can properly celebrate Carnival!

What are you waiting for?
Choose your costumes and book a guided tour of Venice with us! Contact us at

Just out of curiosity: would you vote for Cinzia’s green costume, for Monica’s black and red one, of for Marialaura’s frittelle? Let us know… although we think we already know the answer!

Cinzia in historical costume

Monica in historical costume

Marialaura and her frittelle