Venice: the Nativity Scene in the Water of the Lagoon near Burano island

Pure magic... When our guests ask us for a guided tour of the Venetian Lagoon, we normally suggest to stop also in the colourful Burano island, so rich in history, legends and ancient crafts.
This year there is one more reason for visiting this part of our Lagoon over the Christmas period: the Nativity in the water. It is simply extraordinary, it leaves you speechless, it has been captured by so many cameras that it has become immediately famous all over the world.

The Venetian greengrocer Francesco Orazio is the artist who has created this incredible Nativity.
The scene consists of about 60 painted plywood silhouettes attached to a stick and anchored on the bottom of the Lagoon. It is so charming to watch how the figures are caressed by the water during the high tides and how they emerge during the low tides…

The Nativity hut is represented quite traditionally, with Baby Jesus in a basket and Mary, Joseph, the ox and the donkey all around. All the other characters make this human size composition really extraordinary.
Camels, sheep, men with their canes, women washing clothes, merchants with their goods, a baker with his oven, the Magi: everybody rushes to witness the event an pay homage to the Saviour.

From dawn to sunset the light changes: during the day the sun shines on the silhouettes enhancing their colours, the water shimmering all around; the pink, orange, violet, golden sky at dusk, instead, makes the scene quite poetic… in any case, you can breath an atmosphere of pure magic.

In our opinion, this is a real masterpiece, a perfect union between Art and Nature.
This is the link to enjoy the video in our YouTube Channel Nativity in the water Burano island .
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Ciao! And may your Winter Holidays be great!