Venice: Architecture Biennale 2021

From May 22nd to November 21st, 2021

On May 22nd the Architecture Biennale, which could not be organised last year because of the pandemic, finally opened. The title of this year’s edition appears to be interesting, as it begins with a question.

“How Will We Live Together?”

This is the question that the curator Hashim Sarkis asks. He then breaks up the title to explain his idea behind the exhibit:
How stands for how to solve the different problems that architecture faces today, trying to find practical and effective solutions;
Will stands for the projection into the future, in search for new visions and new architectural forms;
We means inclusion, it is the empathic understanding of architecture;
Live represents a good life, prosperity, blossoming, it is the optimistic vision of architecture;
Together is the expression of the community that shares common spaces;
? symbolises the open question that needs answers on how to solve all these issues.
It is this question we should start from if want to understand what the curator has in mind; it is all around this question that the exhibit takes place.

Refik Anadol Human Connecthome Project

The new challenges for Architecture

Sarkis asks the architects and the entire world much more than this: which role do architects play? How is it possible to define the architectural space to create new social relationships? How can architects catch the attention of a non specialised audience? How can old buildings be reused? Which are the challenges that concern the entire human kind and the world? And which will be the impact of migration and global warming?
It will not be easy to answer all these questions, we shall see whether there can be solutions to all these issues.

Spain Pavillion: Incertainty

Hacking (the resort): Water Territories and Imaginaries

The Countries of the Architecture Biennale 2021

Sixty-three countries take part in the exhibit this year; among them Grenada, Iraq, Uzbekistan and the Republic of Azerbaijan participate for the first time, whereas Africa, South America and Asia are the most represented geographic areas. In different locations it is possible to admire the projects of the 112 participants from 46 different countries. The projects are organised in 5 thematic areas: three at the Corderie dell’Arsenale, and two at the Central Pavilion of the Gardens: Among Diverse Beings, As New Households, As Emerging Communities, Across Borders and As One Planet.
Resilient Communities is the title chosen by Alessandro Melis for the Italian Pavilion, at Tese delle Vergini in Arsenale, which concerns climate change and the challenges that are connected with it. Resilience and creativity are in this case the issues, generating from experiences as the Vaia storm in the Dolomites.
Quite important is also the new digital project Sneak Peek: a way to take a quick virtual look at the contents of the exhibit on different digital platforms.
In cooperation with the Victoria and Albert Museum, in the Pavilion of Decorative Arts at the Arsenale, it will be possible to analyse the projects of the “spontaneous mosques” in the exhibit Tree British Mosques.

The Economy of Bellezza, sorelle Sent, Venezia Giardini Pavillion 

The Golden Lions of the Biennale

The memory Golden Lion award will be given to Lina Bo Bardi, who perfectly reflects the role of the architect as a creator of collective visions, which is one of the most important focuses of this year’s edition.
The lifetime achievement Golden Lion award will go to the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, who designed the Prado Museum.

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