The Best of Venice: what to see

The Best of Venice tours It happens quite often that our clients ask for a private tour of the best sites of Venice.
Which tour can we suggest, among the dozens that we regularly run? For us, as qualified tourist guides of Venice, every corner of this magnificent city is the best.

Are you in Venice for the first time?
It is important to know whether the guests have already been in Venice or if it is their first time in town.
In case they are in our city for the first time, we definitely suggest to visit St. Mark’s Square, with its gorgeous Basilica full of golden mosaics and the Doges’ Palace, seat of the Government of the Most Serene Republic of Venice in the past, but also the Palace of Justice and the residence of the Doge himself.

Afterwards, we can move from the political heart of Venice to the economic centre: the area of the Rialto Bridge.

The Rialto Bridge

In the past centuries this used to be a very lively area, where merchants from quite a number of different countries would meet and would buy and sell all sorts of goods, yelling at each other in order to obtain the best price, gesticulating as actors on a stage, pushing one another in the crowds, os simply chatting… they were always curious to see the new goods imported by the Venetian ships from faraway markets, willing to buy them even at high prices, to resell them at higher rates in their home countries. But before leaving Venice with expensive goods, they would have to decide whether to pay for their insurance.

Have you been to Venice before?
In case our guests have already been to Venice, we can suggest a tour of the hidden corners of Venice, where to get lost in order to find real architectural and sculptural jewels, or to get in touch with everyday life in town.

We can decide to visit some small churches or museums to find out, quite unexpectedly, that they contain major masterpieces, such as paintings, sculptures or frescoes by famous masters. Or we can admire marvelous palazzos hidden in the city maze, displaying the most different stylistic features, from Byzantine to Gothic, up to Renaissance and even Baroque.
And what about wandering in search of the numerous little courtyards with their ancient pavement, traces of frescoes, bas-reliefs…
This can be a pleasant and surprising discovery of an authentic Venice, which a lot of guests are more and more willing to experience, also to get out of the crowded central areas.

We have quite a number of different suggestions for you: we can simply organize a walking tour in the different districts of the city, or come up with more elaborate itineraries on classical or contemporary art.
And what about a private tour for kids, engaging them with our treasure hunts? It all depends on the tastes and the needs of our guests.
So here we are, waiting for you with all our enthusiasm to take you in one of our Best of Venice Private Tours!