St. Mark’s rosebud for a special woman: Venice

April 25th...enjoy our pictures During our guided tours in Venice, on April 25th, St. Mark’s Day, when we celebrate our Patron Saint, we normally tell our guests Vulcana and Tancredi’s legend, about their poignant love story and the special rosebud (bòcolo in Venetian) that Vulcana received… this legend has survived up to the present day thanks to the tradition of presenting ladies with a red rosebud on this date…

A Special Woman: Venice

On March 25th, 2021 Venice celebrated her 1600th birthday, so this year we have decided to donate our bòcolo to this exceptional lady. Enjoy our pictures of the rosebud in the most iconic places of this stunning city…

Our bocolo on de’ Barbari’s “Birdseye view of Venice”, engraved in the year 1500.


The Rialto Bridge is the most famous bridge of our city. It stands in its shiny white stone in the centre of the Grand Canal. It was built at the end of the 1500’s by architect Antonio da Ponte (funny enough, the Italian word ponte means bridge). Since when it was built it has always hosted several small shops, where the shopkeepers would mostly sell golden jewels in the past: the idea was to continue on top of the bridge the incredibly rich market that spread out at its footsteps. Still nowadays the area that surrounds this bridge is characterised by a riot of colours, perfumes, voices.

The Rosebud at Rialto, on April 25th

St. Mark’s Square

Here we are in the political heart of Venice. Let us now donate our rosebud to St.Mark’s Lion, which stands out against a blue sky with stars on the façade of St. Mark’s Basilica. The mosaics, the sculptures, the columns carved out of marbles of different colours and all those little but relevant details of this magnificent church really deserve a visit.

The Rosebud against the façade of St. Mark’s Basilica on April 25th
At the corner between the Basilica and the Doges’ Palace we can admire the famous Tetrarchs, carved out of precious red porphyry, with their rosebud too… but who were they? Diocletian’s successors? Byzantine generals? They have quite an interesting story.

The Tetrarchs with their red rosebud, Venice, April 25th
The Doges’ Palace is one of the most relevant symbols of our city; it used to be the seat of the government of the Venetian Republic. Have you ever paid attention to its capitals? They tell us quite a number of stories and display a whole world of allegories and details.

The rosebud at the Family life capital, Doges’ Palace, Venice, April 25th

The rosebud at the Creation Capital, Doges’ Palace, Venice, April 25th
Last but not least, here is the Bridge of Sighs, in its iconic beauty… and thanks to this red rose today we feel we can pretend it is a romantic bridge…

The Bridge of Sighs with its red rosebud, Venice, April 25th
Let us take leave with this evocative image of one of our favourite places: the island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

The island of San Giorgio Maggiore and the rosebud, Venice, April 25th
Come and discover with us the beauty of this incredible city. We’ll be waiting for you! Ciao!

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