Reflections in Venice: a photographic walking tour

Love for Venice, passion for photography... Beauty, beauty, beauty… this is the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about Venice. And it does not concern only visitors: tourist guides themselves, like us, feel the enchantment of our extraordinary city.

We do know less crowded calli, the shortcuts (or sconte, as we say in Venetian), the narrow canals, the campi and campielli off the beaten path of that particular hidden Venice that with pleasure we can capture on a photographic guided tour.

One of the most amazing aspects is the amount of reflections on the water surface that we can admire everywhere and which make the atmosphere of out city even more magical.
Walking along the canals or crossing little bridges, we can see an infinity of water mirrors fading away, and we can sure fix them in our camera or in our smartphone.

This way, the canals become full of colors, the sky and the sun are mirrored in the water, and we ourselves become actors in this show. Everything is doubled: the façades of churches and palazzos, the small houses, the majestic monuments…

We can start admiring the reflection from under a bridge, for example, searching for infinite details, and then, looking upwards, we can verify how identical the mirror image is to the original.

When the breeze caresses the canals, the reflections seem to dance in sweet wavy movements and in such occasions Venice really becomes enchanted.

And what about during acqua alta (that is, the floods that so frequently affect Venice)? If you feel just a bit adventurous, we suggest to join us for a photographic walk: we will take you in the most beautiful sites, to take pictures, certainly, but also to unveil to you the history and the peculiarities of the sites that we will visit together.
Passion for photography and love for art and culture are a perfect union: what else could you ask for?

We are looking forward to taking you on a photographic and cultural guided tour in Venice. Ciao!
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