Live-in-Venice Week: a great event to get closer to the heart and life of Venice

From May 17th to 23rd, 2021 You have already been to Venice and you have loved it? Or you have been disappointed for some reason? Or maybe you have never had the opportunity to visit it but you would like to learn more about this unique city?
The Live-in-Venice Week is an event you cannot miss! It will give you an idea about what Venice is for real! Link
Website: Live in

A week of live streaming interviews

Visiting the artisans

From May 17th up to May 23rd the three of us, Monica, Cinzia and Marialaura, with some colleagues and friends, will be interviewing and filming not only places, but especially people: those people that make Venice great. The Venetians normally seem to disappear, when compared with the grandeur of the Venetian palazzos and churches. Still, the city does not exit by itself: it is run, restored, kept alive by those people that live and work here.

Visiting a boatyard, Emiliano of Venice on Board
It is people that make the difference!
And this is what we would like to tell and show you!
During this virtual event we will meet artisans, writers, museum directors, artists, musicians, bloggers, professional tourist guides, and a lot of other interesting figures of the Venetian culture.
There will be topics for all tastes: boats, Murano glass, Art, Carnival, activities for kids, food and drinks, fashion…
All this comes out of a genial idea by Thomas of SofaTour, who is giving us the possibility to show Venice as we like it! 

Carnival costumes, Sogno Veneziano atelier

Marisa Convento, famous bead stringer (impiraressa, in Venetian dialect)

Our role as Professional Tourist Guides

As Professional Tourist Guides we, the girls of Guided Tours in Venice, feel that we have a mission to accomplish in our city, that is to share its beauty and our knowledge about its history, art, culture, traditions, as to keep all this alive for the present and for the future generations.
We like to show real life in Venice, along with its wonderful monuments. And we love to engage our guests in great experiences all around the city.

Cinzia, Monica and Marialaura


is fond of working with children, taking them to fantastic treasure hunts in the most iconic sites as well as in the hidden corners of Venice. She is also a certified guide for Experience Tourism: your experience of Venice with her will be unforgettable. Moreover, she is getting her certificate for inclusive tourism: she believes that everybody has the right of enjoying Venice at its most, despite one’s physical or cognitive difficulties.

Monica at work


is a really technological person, she has become a master in video making and interactive live virtual tours of Venice, that you can enjoy sitting on your couch… and this has been a great opportunity so far this year! She is also fond of photography and is the perfect person that can take you to discover the most picturesque spots in town, while telling you about their history and art, and giving some photography hints.

Cinzia at work during a live virtual tour


is an expert of contemporary art: the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the Biennale, Ca’ Pesaro, Art galleries, Palazzo Grassi and much more have no secrets for her. She is also a journalist and she has had the possibility of interviewing over the years the most outstanding contemporary artists as well as the most famous actors and movie directors of the Venice Film Festival.

Marialaura at work

The people who keep Venice alive

Similarly, those Venetians that we are going to interview have their own mission in town. They all feel that their job is much more than a simple job: it is a way to pass onto the new generations ancient skills and traditions, a way to preserve the memory of a unique culture, a way to keep Venice alive.
During this unique live streaming event you will have to possibility to see Venice and the Venetians from a totally different perspective, that goes beyond the external appearance and reaches directly the heart of our city!
Do not miss it!
And eventually, come and meet all of us for real! Ciao

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