Experience Tourism in Venice

Get ready for the Carnival Grand Ball! You have already been in Venice and you would like to experience some sort of a different guided tour or to learn how to do something?
It is your first time in our city but your dream is to spend your time here in a unique, unrepeatable, memorable way?
Follow me, we’ll have fun!

The Venetian Carnival
Venice is quite a singular city, from all points of view. One of its peculiarities is definitely the Carnival.

The Carnival along Rio di Cannaregio

Along the canals or in the Venetian campi, the spectacular parades are quite impressive with their colors, their grandeur, their originality. Everyone can participate in the Carnival, adults as well as kids, in an incredible and personal variety of ways.

However, this feast has its own history and traditions: I am inviting you, then, to stroll around with me in order to discover the real Carnival in Venice. I will tell you about it’s origins, about how Venetians would celebrate it and about its social value in the past.
We will discover together the significance of the different masks, we will observe the historical costumes sewn with philologic accuracy by expert hands in our exclusive ateliers… Would you like to try one? Believe me, it is an unrepeatable experience!

Costume fitting

I will also invite you to taste something delicious, prepared by a special Venetian artisan following an ancient recipe… curious, aren’t you?

The Carnival Grand Ball
The most engaging moment of of the Carnival in Venice, however, is taking part in one of the fabulous Masquerades organized in the sumptuous palazzos that once belonged to noble families. Wouldn’t you like to try such an experience?
Actually, after having learned so much about this feast during our walk, after having tasted an ancient recipe and having discovered the secrets of masks and costumes, you are almost ready… What’s missing? A lesson of Minuet, obviously!

Minuet lesson

How would they dance back in the 1700’s? Which was the correct elegant posture that the siore maschere (“noble masks”) had to adopt? My friend Maribel is ready to engage you with one of her instructive and funny lessons! After this, you are definitely ready for a unique, unrepeatable, memorable experience!
And there will be even more surprises!

Such an experience can be “savored” not only during the Carnival, but also all year long. You can really get ready for your participation in this amazing feast, or you can decide to live in a different season the same adventure even though you are not able to come during the Carnival.

Here I am, waiting for you with all my enthusiasm and my professionalism: I believe that experience tourism means to take out of a particular place the best that it can offer, while at the same time respecting it. It is not a case that this project of mine has been certified by the the brand Joynplayce, which, in the market of experience tourism, stands for professional seriousness and innovation.


The Moretta mask

Post by Monica Gambarotto