Customized tour of Burano Island: a little jewel in the Venetian Lagoon

Discovering the rainbow island...

Hi there! Today the three of us have decided to rest a little: we are going to Burano!
The name of this island is frequently associated with the history and the legends of laces and the incredibly skillful lace makers... But this is not our concern today in the Northern Lagoon. We will sure write about it, possibly in the nearest future.
Today we have planned to relax and enjoy the quiet atmosphere present in this island.

Burano Canale
                                                                                                                                A canal in Burano

Burano... The name itself is quite curious. It comes from Bora, the wind that blows from the North -East. In the mainland there is a city, Altino, from where supposedly some of the first inhabitants of the quiet Lagoon escaped during the barbarian invasions. There used to be city walls surrounding Altino, with six doors: the door facing the North-East direction was called Porta Boreana (the door of the Bora wind). The name of this door was then given to this little island.

Casa Burano
A completely painted house showing daily life scenes. Please note the leaning bell tower.

We catch vaporetto number 12 from Fondamenta Nove and in about 40 minutes we reach Burano. As we approach slowly, it is always impressive to see the leaning bell tower of the island, and it is definitely worth to take pictures of it. The best shots are those taken from the water, either on a private water taxi or on the public transportation. But also from the island one can find particular spots for original pics of the tower.

Campanile pendente
The leaning Bell Tower

This is the bell tower of St Martin's Church. Majestic in its leaning appearance, it dominates Burano. The church itself deserves some attention: we have to take a look at the famous "Crucifixion" by Giambattista Tiepolo. The painting is quite impressing: the bright colors of the figures contrast with the whiteness of Christ's body.

Crocifissione di Tiepolo
Crucifixion by G.B. Tiepolo (1725)

Our desire for art never ends. But again we are today looking for another kind of beauty, so we start walking along the less touristic narrow alleys and "dive" in the bright colors of the island. We love to get lost here: the island is tiny, but it is always full of surprises, even for the Tourist Guides of Venice.

Casa Burano 1
Houses in Burano

Casa Burano 2
Houses in Burano

We are literally surrounded by all the colors of the rainbow and even more! The inhabitants of this island take care of the littlest details: the flowers on the windowsills have the same color as the façade of the houses, some of the terracotta vases are decorated with pieces of colorful glass... Those who live here have anatural passion for colors and all of them manage to make a real masterpiece out of this island.

casetta viola con glicine in fiore
House with wisteria

Casetta con fiori dello stesso colore
House and flowers with matching colors

Casa con vasi di terracotta
House with vases decorated with pieces of colorful glass

The reason why these houses are characterized by such bright colors probably depends on a practical need: fishermen, coming back to Burano after having spent their entire day out at sea, could immediately distinguish their houses from a far away distance, especially on winter days, when the fog was, and still is, quite thick. Another explanation has instead a more legendary flavor: "psychedelic" colors (just to use a modern term) would keep away demons and any sort of evil eye.

Vasi di terracotta che decorano il balcone
Houses in Burano

Case a Burano 3
Houses along one of the canals

It is a real pleasure to walk along the canals and to admire the reflections of the houses on the water: it feels almost as if reality was doubling. We cannot get tired of all this... And as usual we take hundreds of photos, although we perfectly know that these images have by now become famous all over the world. Still, we would like to share with you some of our pics, with the aim of sharing also our inexhaustible enthusiasm.

canale e riflessi su acqua
A canal, boats, bridge

Canale barche ponte e bricole
Houses reflection

Riflessi di case su canale
Houses reflection

Among all these peculiar houses there is one that looks really unique and immediately attracts everybody's attention: it is Bepi Sua's house (Sweat Bepi's house). It is decorated mainly with geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, lozenges and squares of the brightest colors. It used to belong to Giuseppe Toselli (this was the real name of the man known as Sweat Bepi), who was so fond of art in general as to decide to turn his own house into a work of art.

Riflessi di case su canale 1
The façade of Bepi's house

Bepi passed away in 2002, but casabepi, as his house is called, is still visible with all its decorative patterns, in particular thanks to the restoration carried out on the basis of a gigantic picture that was given to the restorers in 1985 by Bepi's sister, Albertina. How can one not fall in love with this amazing atmosphere, with this triumph of colors! Bepi's art really makes you feel happy. Needless to say, this is the most famous house in Burano, and everybody should take a look at it, both adults and children, photographers and art lovers...

Casa di Bepi
Bepi's house, details

Dettagli Casa di BepiDettagli Casa di Bepi 1
Bepi's house, details

There is much more to say about Bepi's life and interests: for example, about his love for the cinema, or about his activity as a candy vendor... But we would like to tell you about it once you come over here, so that we can visit this enchanted place together, with its quiet atmosphere, far from the crowds of the center of Venice.

Let us now share with you a terrific picture: Burano seen from a helicopter. By the way, in case you desire flying over Venice and its Lagoon, do not hesitate to contact us! We will organize for you an unforgettable experience, really breathtaking!

Bye bye from Burano!

Burano seen from a helicopter