A Treasure Hunt for kids in Venice: Marco Polo

Ready for this adventure? Hi, kids! Today we would like to invite you to a special adventure! We have already had the pleasure to invite you to a guided tour with the famous painter Vittore Carpaccio (link: Venice and its legends: saints, dragons and princesses), do you remember?
Venice is not at all a boring place for the youngest… it is a place where we can have a lot of fun together!
We would like you to join us in a treasure hunt, with an exceptional guest, Marco Polo!

Marco Polo
This famous merchant has left us a letter: he would really like you to help him find some other merchants, friends of his, who he has not seen in centuries.

A Merchant of Venice
His friends, though, being real jokers, have given him some hints about how to find them, without giving him the exact addresses. Using some photographs, guessing games, crosswords we can reach the houses of Marco’s friends or the places where they can usually be found.

Madonna dell’Orto Church
And then… there was a Doge, whom Marco Polo actually never met, but whose presence can still be felt in the house where he used to live… and there was a young maiden, who used to decorate masks in her father’s workshop, and whom Marco used to meet frequently at the market by the Rialto Bridge… does this workshop still exist?

A Mask

Rialto bridge 

Have we succeeded in awakening your curiosity?
Contact us and let us help you discover an unusual Venice, full of history and art, of charme and adventure. We’ll have fun!
And in case you desire to decorate your own mask and play the role of the young lady Marco Polo was in love with, we’ll make sure you will have the chance to experience such an interesting activity. It will be the perfect ending of a day full of emotions and discoveries.
We are already waiting for you! And take along your parents, so that they can become children themselves, for a while!
Ciao! Contacts and bookings:

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