A Special Guided Tour: Love in Venice, in all its different aspects

An interesting unusual tour... With this post we would like to suggest a very original tour of Venice. Our city is one of the most romantic places in the world.

Venezia as seen from the belfry of St. George’s bell tower
Every corner, every canal, every campo instill suggestive emotions. A gondola tour along quiet canals, a boat tour floating down the Grand Canal, a walk along a quay… all these experiences are simply ideal for those that are in love!

Gondolas in Venice
Even strolling around Venice without a precise destination can become romantic… and this is the reason why we have projected a particular itinerary that hits several places which have something in common: love, in all its different meanings, from the libertine one, so common in the 1700’s, to friendship and love within the family, not forgetting the evocative love stories that can be traced at every single step in our city.

St. Mark’s Square

Let us start from the heart of Venice, St. Mark’s Square, and precisely from Café Floriàn, the most ancient café in Italy, where in the 1700’s one could find quite famous guests. One of the best known was for sure Giacomo Casanova: he embodied the essence of the libertine Venice, and as such he was popular all over Europe even at that time.

Café Floriàn
Some sculptures and bas-reliefs in the square also tell us about love within the family. It’s all about intimate stories that have something to do with everyday life, 700 years ago as well as nowadays, at times exciting, some other times dramatic.

Capital of the Doges’ Palace with family life
In the square we can also find hints of the deep love that the Venetians feel for their city, so strong that from a certain moment on Venice would be identified with the Mother par excellence, the Holy Mary herself!

The District of Castello

As we leave the very Center of Venice, we head to campo San Zaccaria, where the nearby convent used to be well known for the loose habits of its young nuns: we are talking about young beautiful ladies who were forced by their families to take the vows and live apart from the world… What would happen within these walls? Would the nuns respect the rules of the convent?

'The Parlatorio of San Zaccaria nuns', by Francesco Guardi, 1745-1750, Ca' Rezzonico

Let us stop then for a moment on top of Ponte dei Greci: we will tell you what the St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church has to do with Cocò Chanel. What kind of love will we tell you about at this point? Aren’t you curious?

St. George’s Church of the Greeks
Nearby we will also find a small stone heart which a long time ago witnessed the legendary love of a young extraordinary couple…

The red heart
We will finish our walking tour along the quay Riva degli Schiavoni, where we will take the chance to tell you about an eternal indissoluble love that we commemorate in Venice every year… it’s the story of a wedding that gets celebrated over and over again…

A view from Riva degli Schiavoni
Obviously, these are only brief hints on what we would like to unveil during this unusual guided tour, which will be of course enriched with historical and artistic information about Venice. Ciao!

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