A Ghosts and Legends tour in Venice

Are you ready to meet some mysterious creatures??? What if we told you that our city is full of fluttering ghosts? Would you believe it? Book with us a guided tour of Venice and we will tell you about the legends and the folk traditions that have struck the imagination of generations of Venetians and that are still part of our culture.

Let us start our walking tour at the footsteps of the Rialto Bridge: here we can find two bas-reliefs that are strictly related to the story of the bridge itself…

Bas-relief of female genitals on fire

Some time ago, crossing the Rialto Bridge at night, it was still possible to see the soul of a baby looking for peace… But why? Would you like to know more about this?

The Rialto Bridge at Night

There is a small square nearby, called Campiello del Remer, facing directly onto the Grand Canal. In the past, from this spot you could see a man floating in the water of the Canal, holding his wife’s head tight…

Campiello del Remer

Let us now walk towards the houses that centuries ago used to belong to Marco Polo, in Corte del Milion. The legend has it that Marco had married a daughter of Qubilai Khan’s, the Chinese emperor. Following her husband, she had reached Venice, but here she never felt appreciated by the Venetians. When Marco Polo was imprisoned in Genoa, she committed suicide. She used to be a good singer, and still nowadays we can sometimes hear in this place a soft and sweet melody and we can even spot a ghostly figure who, holding a small candle, seems to be looking for the way back home to the Far East.

Corte del Milion

In Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo we can admire the monument dedicated to Bartolomeo Colleoni, projected by Andrea Verrocchio. Have you ever paid attention to the coat of arms of the Colleoni family?

Monument to Bartolomeo Colleoni

In this campo, if you observe the marble decorations all around, you can see quite a weird engraving, representing a young man holding a human heart in his hand. Whose can this heart be? What is the legend related to this ancient engraving?

Scuola Grande di San Marco

Corte Bressana

Let us now step for a moment into Corte Bressana: here we will tell you the eery story of the bell ringer of St. Mark’s Bell Tower.

Corte Bressna 

We can continue our waking tour along calli and campielli where we can frequently find images of scary dragons and ugly mascaroni (i.e. sculpted faces with grotesque expressions).

A Mascaron

A Dragon

We will then reach a place called Sotoportego dei Preti where we will tell you the love story related to the presence of a red heart.

The Red Heart

After some romance, as we walk into Campo della Bragora we can read the spooky name of a calle, namely Calle della Morte (Calle of Death), so called because this was the place where non official executions, ordered by the frightful Council of Ten, would take place.

Calle della Morte

Our adventure will end in Riva degli Schiavoni, from where you can reach St. Mark’s Square on foot in ten minutes.
Needless to say, in order to join us for this tour you need to be ready to step into an imaginary and unreal world… indeed, obscure presences will contaminate our stories about the legends, the history and the art of the places that we will visit..

Let us send you our spectral greetings (no fear!)!
We will be waiting for you to take you on this incredible guided tour on the footprints of legends and ghosts in Venice! Ciao!