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Monica Gambarotto
Monica Gambarotto
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Hi! My name is Monica Gambarotto and I have been working as a professional tour guide in Venice and in the Venetian mainland since 1997, when I passed the exam organized by the Veneto Region. I am registered in the Regional list of Tour Guides under number 162. I studied in a Scientific High School and afterwards I got my master degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Russian and English) at the Venetian University "Ca' Foscari". Both during university and in the following years I travelled quite frequently, spending long time in the United States and in Russia, taking also the chance to visit Great Britain several times. Travelling for me has always been very important, as a way to get in touch with a lot of people, and with cultures that are different from mine.
Now that I have three children, it has definitely become more difficult to leave and visit different places... But cities like Venice offer the opportunity to "travel" through the history of its beautiful places and outstanding citizens of the past and of the present days... So I keep travelling through time...
With so many years of experience as a Professional Tour Guide, I would like to take you with me in my "travels" at the discovery of both the most famous areas of Venice and its hidden and peculiar corners, to admire their beauties and to enter their history. And if you bring your children along, we can all have fun with amusing treasure hunts, so also the young ones can enjoy traveling through history! I love tours for kids!
Experience Tourism
Monica has been a Certified Guide for Experience Tourism since 2020. With her you will be able to live unique customized experiences in Venice, to explore the city in an emotional and unrepeatable way with the help of a professional and expert guide. These experiences will be really engaging, they will not be simple guided tours: you will be the real protagonists!
Certificate for guided tours for blind or visually impaired guests
In 2021 Monica obtained the certificate, issued by the Italian Association of Blind and Visually Impaired People, section of Venice, after having attended a training course aimed to prepare specific guided tours in Venice for guests with visual impairment. You will discover Venice in a totally different way, in an unforgettable multi sensory experience.
Certificate CERPA
In 2021 Monica obtained the attendance certificate for the course organized by CERPA (European Center for Research and Promotion of Accessibility) with the aim of preparing the Professional Tourist Guides of Venice for the reception of those guest with motor, hearing or cognitive impairment, and of creating specific inclusive itineraries… everyone needs to have the possibility of feeling the stunning beauty of Venice!
Cinzia Maestrini
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Marialaura Bidorini
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