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Cinzia Maestrini
Cinzia Maestrini
Cell: (+39) 338 81 30 216
WeChat: Cinzia 秦星.
E-mail: info@guidedtoursinvenice.com
E-mail only for Chinese (Mandarin) speaking tours:
Hi! My name is Cinzia and I love my job. After attending a Foreign Language High School, I graduated from the Venetian University "Ca' Foscari" with a degree in Chinese Language and Literature.
I studied in England and lived and worked as an interpreter in China in order to improve English and Chinese.
Being a Tour Assistant, I worked for several years with Chinese delegations and American groups, travelling with them both in Italy and in Europe. Yet, this was not enough for me. My love for the Arts and History of Venice had grown so much, that I decided to study for the specific exam to become a Professional Tour Guide in Venice.
I really love travelling; it allows me to get in touch with different cultures, traditions and religions. While working, I meet people from all over the world: it is thanks to you that I have the chance of "travelling" every day, although remaining in my town.
I like photography, too, if you have this passion I can arrange photographic tours in Venice.
Laozi in the 4th century B. C. said: 千里之行, 始于足下 a thousand miles long trip starts with the first step. I will then be waiting for you with my enthusiasm to move with you the first steps into the maze of this contradictory, romantic, mysterious and yet simple city: Venice.
Here I am!
Marialaura Bidorini
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Monica Gambarotto
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